My Prepared Notes for the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

One of the most popular leadership podcasts anywhere is the weekly Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast. So when Carey extended the invitation to interview me about Hero Maker: 5 Essential Practices for Leaders to Multiply Leaders, my forthcoming book and the big idea for Exponential 2018 Conference, I was quick to say, “Yes sir!”

When Carey interviews someone he captures the audio while you are interviewed on a video platform; that way you can see each other creating a more dynamic conversation. So, the first thing I noticed when I logged on was that Carey’s shirt perfectly matched his pillows and I quickly mentioned it to him in good fun. Carey countered by taking this pic of himself and accessories and then posting it on his twitter account! I could tell this was going to be a fun interview!

Once the interview started we immediately hit it off and went on for about 90 minutes, much longer than the 45 minutes we planned. We talked about planting churches, movement-making, the “5 levels of churches”, the rapid global expansion of the NewThing network, the rapid growth of the Exponential Conference and the five practices of a Hero Maker. I ended up telling a story I’ve never told before and even gave him a peak into my journal (which I think he took a pic he is going to post when the podcast releases). I thoroughly enjoyed Carey and the interview!

Before the interview Carey sent me about a dozen possible questions that he planned to asked me but also warned me that he will take the conversation wherever it goes. So that I could be ready for both I spent a little more than an hour typing up a few thoughts to all the questions Carey sent me. While the interview will be released on December 5th; attached are the planned questions and my prepared notes for the Carey Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast in case you want to check it out.

NewThing 5k – Running To Help Church Planters

NewThing-5k-logo_1200x200 If you love running or if you love church planting or if you are like me and you love running and church planting – we have just the event for you!  Come out with a few hundred of your friends and run the NewThing 5k on Saturday, October 17th. I run a few races every year and they do a great job with this race.  It is a certified CARA race and all the proceeds will go to help with a NewThing church plant in Thousand Oaks, California – Anthem Church.   All the details on this great and fun event are available on our NewThing website.  If you have specific questions you can send an e-mail to Rudy Stefanski, our Race Director at

Inteverview on Catalyst Voices

Catalyst Voices – Dave Ferguson from Catalyst on Vimeo.

Got a chance to hangout last night with L.V. Hanson, Ambassador for the Catalyst Conference and head honcho of the Catalyst Road Trip.  Since he was new to Chicago I had to treat him to some Lou Malnati’s pizza.  He’s a great guy and we had a great time.  In the video we talked a lot about church planting and where Community is headed as a missional church.  If you want to read his post about our conversation it is on the Catalystspace blog titled First Full Day in Chicago and it includes some stuff on multi-site that is not in the video.

NewThing and the Carroll’s are Going to Europe!

Dave & Bill in France (2) This picture goes back a few years when Bill Carroll, Jeff Prosapio and myself went to England and France to experience and learn from the alternative worship movement in Europe.  We had heard a lot about Taize worship that started and was practiced in Taize, France.  So we left Paris and drove about 3 hours to Taize to for the experience.  When we arrived we were confused because this little village couldn’t have had more than a couple hundred people and the only church in town looked severely under-used.  The reason we were confused is because there are two Taize in France and we were at the wrong one.  The other was another 6 hours away.  This is Bill and I looking at the map and the two Taize’s in France.

Since that time Bill and his wife Rachelhave fallen more and more in love with France.  After faithfully serving at Community for the last 12 years they are getting ready to take off with the whole family to plant a church.  We are all going to miss them immensely.  Bill is a tremendously hard worker and the most tenacious recruiter and developer of artists that I have ever seen.  I am currently finishing up a book with Jon Ferguson on the reproducing church and much of the chapter we wrote on reproducing artists is from what I’ve learned from Bill.  It is a skill that all our arts directors value and that’s a huge part of Bill’s legacy.  Rachel was the founding director for CCC’s School for the Arts.  We have about 400 students in our school and it has been a huge help in us developing artists young and old.  More recently she served with the creative arts team in Kid’s City. Rachel is a super talented artist and tremendously creative leader.

At the end of this summer Bill and Rachel will take off for France and after going through language school will plant the first of many reproducing churches in Paris.  We are thrilled that they not only go with our blessing and financial support but also as a part of NewThing.  This will be the first of what we believe will be many new churches NewThing will plants in Europe.  Thank you Bill and Rachel for passionately giving yourself to the mission of “helping people find their way back to God”.  You have served us, the people in Chicagoland and God with great love and integrity.  We are so proud of you, love you very much and will be praying for you.

NewThing: Focused On Leadership Residents

NewThing Gathering - Chicago 09 WrigleyThis picture tells you how much NewThing loves church planting and the reproducing church.  One night of the gathering last week we went to the Cubs game and had rooftop seats.  This was my first time on the rooftop and it was a great experience.  But here are a few of us completely ignoring the game and talking about what is next for NewThing.

At the end of our couple days together we decided that in the next three years we would reproduce from 32 to 208 churches/sites by developing and placing leadership residents.  We asked every church/site to have one leadership resident per year who will be in training to launch a site or church.  Here is where you can get more information about our leadership residency program.

Why Discover the Dream (part 1)

Discover the Dream
God brought together myself, Sue, Jon and 4 college friends to start a new church in Chicago.  God gave us a dream to not only reach Chicago, but a dream that goes beyond that.  I believe God’s dream was for us is to be a “catalyst for a movement of reproducing churches.”  That dream continues to motivate us and COMMUNITY now has 9 locations with over 5,000 people in attendance.  But I believe that we are just beginning to fulfill the dream that God has for us.  Until now God has been introducing us to the world.  And I believe what God wants for us next is to impact the world.  The way that we will impact the world is through NewThing who is reproducing networks of reproducing churches reaching lost people around the world.  That is God’s dream for us.

So how about you?  What is your dream?  What unique dream has God placed on your heart?  On your life?  Or as you read these words, do you find yourself saying, “I want a dream. How did you discover what your dream is?”

If you are wrestling with these questions, we would like to meet with you. NewThing is hosting an event called Discover the Dream to help you discover the dream God has placed in your heart.  Join us on Monday, April 20 at Exponential Conference in Orlando, FL.

To learn more about Discover the Dream, look for Part 2 of this four-part blog. If you’re ready to sign up for the experience, click HERE.  But hurry, space is limited to the first 80 people who sign up.  In fact, if you sign up because of this blog you get 20% off!  Email to take advantage of this discount.


Discover the Dream
Have you thought that maybe God is calling you to something new?  Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit that is begging to be unleashed to impact God’s kingdom?  May be you aren’t sure exactly what your dream is, or you have an idea, but haven’t defined it.  If so, NewThing’s Discover the Dreamis an experience that will help you discover how to make God’s dream for you become a reality.  In almost all cases when I talk with someone who is currently living out their dream, I find a motivated, overtly raving and passionate person.  And I quickly learn that, at some point in their life, they encountered the power of discovering the dream that God put within them.

Join the staff of COMMUNITY and NewThing on January 9-10, 2009 in Chicago and learn how you can be part of the reproducing church movement.  We want this to be a personal experience for you so space is limited to the first 80 people who sign up.  For more information or to register, click here.  I would LOVE to see every person encounter the power of discovering and living out the dream that God has placed in them!

Thinking Multi-Site? Think Multi-Site Practicum!


If you are thinking of becoming a multi-site church, this is an event you can not afford to miss! NewThing’s Multi-Site Practicum is designed to help your staff formulate goals and action items so your team is prepared to reproduce new sites that reach people far from God.  At the end of the Multi-Site Practicum your team will leave with a well developed step-by-step strategic plan for how to go to multiple sites within your context. The Multi-Site Practicum will be led by the myself and key staff from Community Christian Church.

Here are the details:

  • Where?  Mountain Lake Community Church, Cummings, Georgia (Atlanta)
  • When? November 3 & 4, 2008
  • Cost? $219.00 (but this event is limited to small number of teams to maximize the experience)
  • To Register? or call 630.388.5101
  • More info?  NewThing Multi-Site Practicum

Coast to Coast Conferences

Catalyst_08I am sitting in the Atlanta airport after finishing up a coast to coast weekend of conferences  It started in San Diego at NorthCoast church where we talked about The BIG IDEA for the Sticky Church Conference.  I heard from the COMMUNITY team it was terrific conference.  Since I got sick I was only there for about an hour of the conference…and that is when I was on the stage doing the opening session.  The prayers of scores of people, including twitter-ers and friends on facebook I think got me through that main session.  Actually, once the worship kicked in I was feeling great and then felt awesome all through the session and even when talking to people afterward.  But once got back to the hotel I hit bottom again.

Then we took off for the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta – it is one of the premier conferences of any kind, anywhere!  Brad Lomenick and team do a super job of pulling of a great event!  And it shows in all the little details.  NewThing did our first ever Discover the Dream which sold out and promises to be a can’t-miss experience for leaders everywhere. We made a lot of great connections with leaders who have big dreams for changing the world and being a part of a reproducing church movement.  Right after Discover the Dream I spoke at the Start Lab about on 5 Church Planting Lessons Learned. It was a new talk at the encouragement of Todd Wilson and I spent the 45 minutes talking to the audience as if I was talking to them one-on-one as a church planter and letting them in on, “here are five important lessons I’ve learned along the way…”  I got good feed back.  I think it worked.  And I know with a little tweaking it could be even better.

I got to do a bunch of other cool stuff:  talk to publishers, get interviewed by Lindy Lowry for a feature in Outreach Magazine, get David Chrzan’s take on NewThing, get some coaching from Dave Travis, chill with the Leadership Network gang (great people!), interview Ed Stetzer (and Hank Wilson – sort of!) and Efrem Smith on the planting channel, have dinner with Charles Jenkins (if you don’t know that name – you will!) hang out with Todd Wilson, eat, laugh and strategize with our NewThing team.  It was a blast!

After five days away and hanging out with thousands of Christian leaders I believe there is a whole generation of leaders who are willing to make big sacrifices to see the Jesus mission accomplished. My constant prayer is “God, give us the eyes to see your vision, and the heart to make it happen!”

Join Discover the Dream Online Oct 8th FREE!


Our Discover the Dream event has sold out!  But now you can join us online and not miss out on the premier for this event.  While we are all in Atlanta for Discover the Dream and the Catalyst Conference you can stay at home, join us online and not miss a thing!  If you log onto the NewThing Network Church Planting Channel at 8:45 am EST on October 8th you can experience everything from your own computer. 

Would you like to discover the dream that God has put within you?  Would you like to understand how your dream is a part of God’s bigger dream?  Would  you would like to hear from leaders who are living out their dream by planting reproducing churches?  Do you want to know how you can be a part of movement of reproducing churches that are pursuing Gods dream?  Join us for Discover the Dream on the  NewThing Network Church Planting Channel.