Catalyst_1I was thinking more about the podcast I did with Catalyst and I got all the usual questions about multi-site, the reproducing church and church planting.  But it was interesting to hear their observation and question about the Community Christian Church staff and our leadership culture.  So, here is my attempt at remembering the question they asked me and my response to that question.  See what you think?

CATALYSTCommunity Christian Church is known in many circles as having one of the healthiest church staffs in the country, which gives credibility to your team for creating a strong leadership culture in your church.  What are your secrets?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

DAVE:  I’m not sure they are secrets but a few things come to mind when I think about the kind of leadership culture we have created.  The first thing that comes to mind is COMMUNITY.  It’s kind of a buzz word right now but I think we have the genuine thing!  We really like working with each other; hanging out with each other and doing life with each other. We trust each other; we know everyone else has our back.  One of the guys on our team likes to call working at CCC “recess”.  And it’s true.  I seriously don’t remember one time since we started this church looking at the clock and asking myself, “can I go home now?”  I think for most of us we don’t know when the work ends and the play starts…our work is hard, but it is fun!  And a big reason that is true is because of the positive relationships and real friendships we have on our staff team.  Before we hire people we always make sure they pass the “parking lot test”.  The “parking lot test” is whether I am excited when I drive into the parking lot and see their car.  If we are not excited that this person is here, they probably are not a fit on our team. The first reason for our healthy leadership culture is that it is built on genuine community.  The second reason we have a healthy leadership culture has to do with our CAUSE.  We are uncompromisingly committed to “helping people find their way back to God”.  It’s almost a paradox but I think we put the cause ahead of all things including each other.  You might think that we should put each other first but I think we put the cause of Jesus first and that is what creates this community.  We find genuine community in our commitment to this great mission. Lastly, we have created a CULTURE that is attractive to leaders.  You’ve heard the old saying, “birds of a feather flock together”…well, the birds at CCC are eagles.  They are leaders who like to soar high and fast.  Almost everyone on our staff team either came from the marketplace where they made a lot more money or they have been offered positions where they could make more money.  But they chose to be here because there is just something attractive about being a team of high capacity leaders who love each other and love the mission.  When you have a community of people with a clear cause that have created a culture that attracts high capacity leaders, that is hard to beat!

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