Churchplanterscom_2Over the next several months I’m getting some really cool opportunities to speak at some great conferences and great events.  But one event that I’m really excited about is the CHURCHPLANTERS.COM CONFERENCE.  Why?  Here are four reasons why I’m totally pumped about the Conference and why you should register now and join me:

1. Mountain Lake Church – This is the team that is putting on the conference and they are a model church planting church.  Shawn, David, Chad, Casey and the gang – these guys at Mountain Lake really get it!  I got to hang out with them a couple months ago when they came to CCC for our NewThing Multi-Site Practicum and I was really impressed.  I am personally pumped about getting to see what these guys are doing up close.

2. Perry Noble – I have never met this guy, but I keep hearing phenomenal stuff about his leadership.  Perry planted NewSpring Church in 1998 and it has become one of the fastest growing churches in America according to Outreach Magazine.  I hear he is a phenomenal communicator and pure motivation.  The rest of the main session speakers are great! The line up includes: Shawn Lovejoy, Ed Stetzer, Matt Carter (and myself).  The only one of those guys who I haven’t met or heard speak is Perry Noble.   I really want to meet this guy.

3. Church Planting – Anything that has to do with church planting has my attention.  I’m convinced that the future of the church will be with reproducing churches.  Our dream at Community Christian Church is to be a reproducing church which includes planting hundreds and hundreds of churches.  Our dream for the NewThing Network is that each of our churches will become a reproducing church and start their own network.  The Conference will be one of the premier church planting events in the wold!  If you are as into church planting as I am, don’t miss it.

4. Warmer weather – I love Chicago and I am absolutely convinced it is the best city in the world!  But it will nice to get a break from the -30 wind chill factor on February 26 & 27.

If you want to register and you should, click HERE.

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