Busted_2You now how at every conference you skip out for a a session or two to either hang out with some friends or squeeze in some extra work?  And it’s not a big deal because there are so many people no one will notice.  That’s what I thought today while I was at the Leadership Summit Debrief
in Chicago.  It is a gathering of all the Lead Pastors from different
churches that serve as satellite sites for the Leadership Summit.  Several years ago
when Community Christian Church was asked to be a satellite site (because another church backed out in the last minute) there
were only about 15 sites and this gathering was just a small group of
Lead Pastors.  And it was kind of cool to huddle with Bill Hybels and a handful of other leaders to review and critique the Leadership Summit.  Over the years, the Summit has grown exponentially and now is in 78
cities word-wide and consequently this gathering has also grown.  So now  instead of a handful of pastors who get to interact directly with WCA leaders like Jim Mellado, it’s a very large group of leaders that comes together.  I’m not complaining, it’s just part of the growth.  So, I decided since there were all theses pastors I would just skip out a morning session and catch up on some work. After skipping the session I casually stroll in for lunch like I have been there the whole time when one of the WCA staff comes up to me and says, “you skipped the last session, didn’t you?!?”  I felt like I was back in school and was about to get another detention.  I asked, “How did you know?”  She smiled and said, “while you were skipping the session Bill asked for you to come and sit at his table for lunch and you weren’t here!”  Busted!!  But I went up at sat at the same table with Hybels anyway…not gonna miss that!

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