A handful of people who know I’m a big U2 fan told me about Bono’s speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.   It is already being called, “Bono’s Best Sermon Yet”.  Here is the download of the entire talk:  Download bono_at_national_prayer_breakfast.doc   And if you would prefer to listen and watch here is the video:  Bono at National Prayer Breakfast.    After you take it in, tell me what you think?  Should he stick to rock–roll?  Is he right on? Where is he right on and where did he lose you? And just to wet your appetite, here is the beginning:

Bono_bush_2_1If you’re wondering what I’m doing here, at a prayer breakfast, well, so am I. I’m certainly not here as a man of the cloth, unless that cloth is leather. It’s certainly not because I’m a rock star. Which leaves one possible explanation: I’m here because I’ve got a messianic complex.  Yes, it’s true. And for anyone who knows me, it’s hardly a revelation.  Well, I’m the first to admit that there’s something unnatural…something unseemly…about rock stars mounting the pulpit and preaching at presidents, and then disappearing to their villas in the south of France. Talk about a fish out of water. It was weird enough when Jesse Helms showed up at a U2 concert…but this is really weird, isn’t it?  You know, one of the things I love about this country is its separation of church and state. Although I have to say: in inviting me here, both church and state have been separated from something else completely: their mind. Mr. President, are you sure about this?

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