Life_interrupted_1The new  BIG IDEA Short Film:  Life Interrupted – Joseph is now online and ready for your viewing!  Every week we take the content of the BIG IDEA teaching and film it in a setting that will reinforce the BIG IDEA.  Then we do post-production by adding music for underscoring, graphics and transitions.  If you have ever listened to our podcast, you are actually listening to the audio of the “short film”.  This week, Jon Ferguson is doing the teaching and he is at the mall.  There is one scene that cracks me up!  If you watch it, I think you will know which scene I’m talking about.

I’m convinced that more and more churches will be using a “short film”.  It does take more work, but we have already seen it effectively used in celebration services and small groups. We are currently talking to some church planters about using the “short film” to provide teaching for these new churches! I think that has huge possibilities.

The “short film” (are those quotations getting annoying?) is not the same as our videocast.  The videocast is when we video the Saturday night teaching and then show it for teaching on Sundays at a CCC location.  We are currently using the videocast in 5 celebration services at 3 CCC locations successfully.  We are also piloting (since September) the “short film” in 3 celebration services at 3 CCC locations.  So far, so good!

Do you know any other churches that are producing a “short film” (not videocast – I have lots of examples of that!) on a weekly or regular basis?  If you haven’t seen it yet – check it out and let me know what you think!

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