Impossible_is_nothingEvery week at three of our Community Christian Church locations we use a “short film” as the teaching for that celebration service. This is not the same as the videocast, which is the video of the Saturday night teaching another video teaching product that we use at several locations.  The “short film” is a 20-25 minute teaching on the BIG IDEA by one of our Teaching Pastors that is on location.  For example, in this “short film” I’m teaching from LifeTime Fitness while on the climbing wall.  (insert joke here!!)  In this “short film” we start a brand new series from Matthew 17:20 titled Impossible Is Nothing.  If you want to check it out, the first in our series is “Mountain Moving Prayers” .  I talk about all the reasons we don’t pray mountain moving prayers and then end with a challenge to try it for the rest of this month.

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