Velocity_christian_churchOne of the most innovative new churches in the country is Velocity Christian Church led by Tim Cole in Richmond Virginia.  And one of the coolest things they are doing is using our BIG IDEA Short Film for it’s teaching at it’s two different weekend services – one service is a rock-n-roll format and another service is country pop.  This very creative and innovative church has a terrific staff, but is so convinced that video teaching is the most effective and efficient way to develop Christ Followers that they are using teaching videos from us (Community Christian Church) and The Vine of Southeast Christian Church in Lousiville, Kentucky.  And so far this church is off to an amazing start with 580 attenders on their opening day.  Check out this article from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.  Velocity is currently using The BIG IDEA Short Film from our Wired series and getting a terrific response.

I got a chance to talk with Tim Cole at the National New Church Conference and he told me,“The BIG IDEA Short Film is totally working…I think you guys are way ahead of the curve by creating this short film for others to use…thanks!”  What is your reaction?

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