Ignite_1This was the first of four weekends in our IGNITE campaign.  And after talking to most of our campus pastors it sounds like it was a huge weekend!  I don’t have all the stats yet, but I know I met a lot of people who were at CCC for the very first time.  Love it!

Some readers of this blog who don’t go to CCC have been asking about IGNITE and wanting more info.  We got the idea from Cedar Creek Community Church in Toledo, Ohio.  And if you want more info on how they do it you should check out my post on what they call the BIG PUSH.  For us IGNITE is a combination of three things: 1. Marketing  2. Personal Invites  3. Wow!  Let me explain:

Marketing – We usually take kind of a guerrilla marketing approach where we try to make several touches with the unchurched in our community.  We have had a great deal of success with direct mail.  My contention is that most everyone who says that direct mail doesn’t work, have violated some fundamental marketing principles.  If you want to create “awareness” then you mail 1-3 pieces per household.  If you want to create “action” then you need to mail 4-6 pieces per household.  We have not failed with this formula.  However, this time we did something a little different – we had 61,000 door hangers and 2000 yard signs, plus a web-based campaign.  The reason we went this route was to get more involvement and to save a little money.

Personal Invites – We also give every attender an IGNITE card which has several boxes with pictures of people who were recently baptized and then ten more boxes that are empty.  We ask them to put the names of people they will be praying for and who they would like to see find their way back to God in the empty boxes.  We also challenge all our people to become champions by committing to bringing three people with them during IGNITE.  IGNITE does a great job of raising the value of helping people find their way back to God.

Wow! – IGNITE means that because of the marketing and the personal invites there will be a ton of first timers.  And just like when you have guests at your house you want to make sure that hospitality is first class, every CCC campus works hard to make sure that the experience of the first timer is a wow!  This can be as simple as making sure that everything is painted and looking crisp to having all your hospitality people dressed in tuxes and our guests getting to walk in on red carpet.  You get the idea.

Last fall we saw our attendance jump by about 900 people and we anticipate a similar increase this spring.  I’m really looking forward to combining IGNITE with a new campus launch.  My intention is to make this happen next fall when we launch our CCC Yorkville campus.

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