My friends Alan and Debra Hirsch were in Chicago a couple weeks ago.  They arranged their schedules so we could spend a good part of the day at COMMUNITY and the rest hanging out in Chicago together.  We had a blast!

Alan is the author The Forgotten Ways and a leading thinker on the missional church.  While they were here, I asked Alan to speak at our all-staff meeting (see pic) on one of the major themes of his book – apostolic environments.  Here are a few things Alan had to say about Apostles and apostolic environments (or at least the way that I remember it):

  • Apostolic environments create spontaneous expansion and movements.
  • Apostolic environments have an invisible force, like gravity that has massive influence on others.
  • Apostolic environments create a “vibe” about the place.  Alan noted that by simply walking into our Yellow Box and from hanging out with us a few times he could tell that COMMUNITY has this “vibe”.  The “vibe” has a moral or spiritual authority about it.
  • Apostolic environments have a “go” function that is always sending people out to start new things.  And often these new communities and new churches will cross cultures.
  • Apostolic environments will create networks of related churches.
  • Apostolic environments will coach those churches within their networks.
  • Apostolic environments will also find ways to guard the DNA and make sure the churches within it’s networks continue to be places that are going and sending.

Below is a diagram that gives further explanation about apostolic environments.


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