HatThis photo was in the Naperville Sun today under a new section they are running every Friday called “Lost & Found“.  They just started this section and the plan is to simply place photos of stuff that people in Naperville have lost and hope that they will find their owner again.

Is this just me or does that seem weird for a city of 138,500 people?  I’m not sure if our church even has a lost and found.  On the one hand it is kind of cool that one of the largest and fastest growing suburbs in the country can maintain a small town feel by having a lost and found.  But on the other hand, it seems like there must be some point to this other than just making sure some kid who lost his/her hat at the children museum finds it.  Right?  Last week they had a lost baby doll picture.  Is this how Naperville gets ranked as the #1 city to raise a family?  I know this isn’t a big deal…but it just seemed strange.  Any thoughts on the strategy by the newspaper publisher?

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