Newthingpracticum1_5Today we started our ninth NewThing Multi-Site Practicum and the ninth practicum in a row that has sold out!  We have about 25 great church teams that are here at Community Christian Church and will leave with their own step-by-step strategy for how to go multi-site within the next year in their context.

I got to spend a little time with John Jackson who is here with his team from Carson Valley Christian Center.  What a great guy!  He basically made an appointment with me just to encourage me and affirm what we are doing through NewThing and express his excitement about The BIG IDEA book that is coming out.  I should meet with him more often!

And I loved hanging out with the guys (Shawn, David, Casey & Chad) from Mountain Lake Community Church, who are also the guys behind  They totally get it when it comes to being a reproducing church…I can’t wait to see how they apply this multi-site stuff.  They will be brilliant.  They are doing a church planting conference, Church Planting Redone on February 26th & 27th and have asked me to do a main session.  I’m really looking forward to it!

Tomorrow will be awesome as we see all these teams bring to completion their own multi-site strategy.  If you are interested in bringing a team to a NewThing Multi-Site Practicum, the next one is in Falls Church, Virginia March 8th & 9th.

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