242_cc_2I got the following e-mail from Dave Dummit the Lead Pastor at 2|42 Community Church; a NewThing Church in Brighton, Michigan outside Detroit. The e-mail was titled, “one for the blog”.

“Debbie was enthusiastically attending CCC when she was transferred to Brighton, MI 3 years ago.  She loved CCC and so she traveled back to Chicago (5 hours) on the Sunday’s she didn’t work.  Incredibly, one Sunday she learned that CCC was helping to launch a new church in Brighton called 2|42.  Debbie started coming to 2|42 and has attended and served for 2 years.  This past Monday night with tears in her eyes, she was baptized.  When asked why she was now ready to make the commitment, she said, ‘God has just really been kicking my a_ _ .’  What a great God!  To love Debbie enough to pursue her from Chicago to Brighton and over the course of many years!  Just thought I’d let you all know about the tag team!”

Thanks Dave!  Just one more reason to love the NewThing Network!

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