Southeast_ccI got an e-mail this week from my friend, Kyle Idelman at Southeast Christian Church and it sounds like they are ready to join the growing numbers of churches in the multi-site movement.  And not only are they going multi-site, but they are doing it with a Kentucky Fried sense of humor!

I’ve had a number of formal and informal conversations with people on their staff over the last few years and it is awesome to hear that they are going to take this risk!  What makes Southeast unique is that it is not just a megachurch (1000+), but a gigachurch (10,000+).  Southeast has an attendance (last I heard) around 18,000 on a weekend and has been one of the largest churches in the United States for the last couple decades.

I need to get more of the details but I think their strategy is to keep the weekend centralized and decentralize a lot of the weekday programming to the neighborhoods.  I’m not sure I know anyone else that is doing it that way.  That doesn’t mean it won’t work – it just means that I will watch with more curiosity.  Anyway, kudos to Dave Stone, Kyle Idelman and the whole team at Southeast for having the courage to try a “new thing” with something that big and that established!

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