Dave_amy_2Yesterday I was speaking to the Cornerstone Knowledge Network and Ed Bahler was introducing me to this group of church builders, architects and church leaders.  Ed is the President of the Aspen Group and one of those guys with whom I just instantly had an affinity.  So Ed was introducing me to this group and he starts saying all these nice things about me, CCC and NewThing (how fast the church is growing, how we are one of the most influential churches in the country, a book is coming out in January, etc – all great stuff).  And then he tellsJosh_on_base_6  a brief story related to my family and kids and finishes my introduction with “…and a really great Dad, please welcome Dave Ferguson”.  I was stunned how powerful it was to hear someone use the phrase, “…and a really great Dad…” to describe me.  I didn’t hear him say it like it was already true. I think Amy, Josh and Caleb are still too young for anyone to say I’ve been a great Dad.  But I heard it as a vision for who I want   to be.  Hearing those accomplishments listed Caleb_fishing_4_2 side by side along “…and a really great Dad…” it was instantly clear which one mattered most – being a great Dad.  I could feel it!  I want to be “…and a really great Dad…”

So, thanks Ed for the opportunity to speak yesterday. It was an amazing group and an amazing opportunity.  And thank you for the kind introduction.  But most of all thanks for doing some personal vision casting for me and reminding me of who I want to be: “…a really great Dad…”

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