Big question: How did the early church grow from 25,000 to 20 million people 200 years later? 

  • They had no buildings.
  • They had no programming.
  • They had none of the sophistication we have today.

Big question:  How did the persecuted church of China grow from 2 million to 130 million 60 years later?

Every believer carries within them the potential to create world transformation.  There is a full potential of ekklesia within every person. 

The institutional church is taken out and the apostolic movement takes its place. 

Example:  Starfish and the Spider – every part of the starfish has the potential to reproduce the whole.

Church in China slogan: "every believer a church planter; every church a church planting church!"

We are further away from getting the job done today then we were in the 4th century.

Europe is only one generation from seeing Christianity becoming extinct. 

What is it about me that is stopping the church from being the church?

Language which will help restore an apostolic church:

  • "movement"
  • "missional"
  • "apostolic"

The real revolution of China was really the revolution of God. 

if you focus on renewal you will only have a 10 year life-cycle; but if you focus on mission you can change generations.

You can not duplicate the Chinese church in our context, but you can approximate it.

Don’t think about starting a church; think about starting a movement.

"chaordic" = chaos & order

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