SpyNoel Heikinen (who has a terrific blog!) visited CCC-Yellow Box this weekend and by his own admission was a spy.  And turned out to be the spy a spy that loved us!

Noel writes about his CCC experience:
“Yesterday was truly the day of great customer service. After my great
Starbucks experience (see yesterday’s post), I headed off to visit Community Christian Church in Naperville.  I read the book Dave Ferguson 
(their Lead Pastor) wrote last year and I wanted to see their church in action.  My goal was to remain anonymous.  I did not achieve my goal.  It was Ed’s fault. He was the Greeter at the front door. He was an older gentleman,
complete with a gray beard and a big smile. I walked in and he
immediately locked eyes on me. He walked over and extended his hand
asking, “Hi, have you ever been here before?”  I had been there roughly 5 seconds.  “No, this is my first time,” I asked.“Well, I’ll show you around then,” was his response. He proceeded to
give me a tour of their lobby, showing me where I could get coffee and
asking me to come back and talk with him after the service, so I could
score a gift bag.
Then, he asked me where I was from and what I was doing there. I
didn’t feel I could lie to my new friend Ed, so I told him I was a
pastor who was spying on his church after almost meeting his pastor
last year (long story). He then took me to the person in charge of
their “First Impressions” team (and idea I may have to steal). She,
then, hooked me up with someone who filled me in on their NewThing Network.
Bottom line: I was welcomed…then they figured out who I was…then
they got me to the right person. And it all happened in a flash. When I
turned around, Ed was greeting other new people.

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