500_2_1I heard another great story yesterday regarding how some CCC attender put into practice our challenge to give anonymously and another decided the best blessing was to be a blessing.

It was only a couple days before Christmas and it was going to be tight for this family.  The husband and wife were talking about how they were going to be short about $100 and didn’t know where it would come from.  As they are talking there is a knock on the door.  Their daughter goes to the door and no one is there.  She yells upstairs to mom and dad, “someone is playing ding-dong ditch”.  The dad comes downstairs to check it out and sees something his daughter missed.  He sees an envelope taped to the door.  He took envelope and opened it up only to discover $500.  He was shocked.  He told me, “I just called the whole family together, and we just stared at the money.”   Then he told his family two things.  The first thing he said to his children, “Kids, this is a God-thing.”  The second thing he said to his wife, “Honey, we’ve been taught to receive a blessing you have to be a blessing…we need to give some of this away”.  His wife immediately thought of her sister-in-law that was going through a hard time.  They agreed to help her out.  So the dad called up his sister and asked if he could come over.  When he arrived he told her, “I want to pass along a blessing that came to me, and here it is.”  He gave her $200.  She began to cry and told him, “now I don’t have to write that bad check to electric company to keep the lights on a few more days…thank you so much!”

This is the just one more story in the life of Community Christian Church.  I love this church!

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