Diversity1 If we sat down and talked I could probably give you two dozen advantages of being a multi-site church. If you are interested, I’ve given an abbreviated list of advantages in articles that I’ve written.  And one of the advantages that we experienced early on now has some data to back it up – thanks to Leadership Network and the research they have done with multi-site churches.  One of the “genius of the AND” benefits of being a multi-site church is that it can be both homogeneous AND heterogeneous at the same time.  According to the most recent research on multi-site churches: multi-site churches are also much more likely to be multi-cultural churches.  Of the churches in the United States 95% of them are homogeneous in their make-up, meaning they are made of up of one dominant culture.  However, the multi-site church is quite different. Consider some of these stats:

  • 72% of all multi-site churches are diverse from a socio-economic perspective. 
  • 65% of all multi-site churches are diverse in regards to age. 
  • 48% are diverse when it comes to race.

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