Landed in Seoul a little before 6 am on Wednesday and Andy (right) who oversees the English and International Ministry of Onnuri Community Church was there to greet me.  After a quick breakfast I went to their all-staff meeting.  I found out that things have continued to grow since I was here last.  The church now has 8 locations in Korea and about 60,000 in attendance (if you are keeping score, that is like double Joel Osteen’s church!) and 32 church plants around the world.  Very cool.  I got to spend a little time with  Pastor Ha who founded the church.  We are scheduled to get together for a meeting in the next couple days.  I am already working on a list of questions.  Mark Choi (middle), a friend of mine from the last trip to Korea showed up early and then took Andy and I out to dinner tonight at a terrific Italian restaurant.  Two years ago Mark left Seoul to start the in2church in Manhattan, New York City.  The church is primarily targeting first and second generation Koreans and already has about 500 people that are a part of that church.

Tomorrow I will do a pre-conference workshop with church leaders and missionaries on the topic of The Big Idea.  Should be fun!  Then the Leadership Conference kicks off tomorrow night.  Stay tuned…

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