5. Spiritual Growth is about Establishing Habits.

  • How to Establish Habits:
    1. Give an assignment.
    2. Use a journal and get people to write down what God is saying to them.
    3. Drive time devotional
    4. Daily e-mail devotional
    5. Guide to fasting
  • Focus on helping people establish spiritual habits and not just attend meetings.

6. Spiritual growth is relational.

  • You only grow in community.
  • 3 Tools for Relational Growth

            1. Small Groups
            2. Spiritual Coaches
            3. Retreats – fastest to way to grow people in your church is through retreats.

7. Spiritual Growth is Multi-dimensional

  • You only believe in the part of the Bible that you do!

8. Spiritual Growth is Seasonal.

  • You will grow in "spurts".  There is always "growth – consolidation"  and then there is "growth – consolidation".
  • Campaigns that last 6 weeks; which is long enough to develop a habit.

KEY QUESTION:  Will you quit trying to grow your church and focus on growing your church?

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