Prayer_200x1331We are asking the leaders of Community Christian Church to enter into a three-day prayer journey and as a source of encouragement I would love to hear from you about your Prayer Journey.  Please leave a comment and tell me about your small group or personal experience.  You can click HERE to download a Guided Prayer Journey.  The following is a more detailed explanation of our 3 Day Prayer Journey for NEXT:

Each year, the Community Christian Church lead team and staff enter into a prayerful process of dialogue and retreats to ask God “What’s next?” for CCC in the coming year.  Every year CCC is at a different place in it’s life, growth and opportunity; so we really want to know where does God want us as a church to place our focus and energy to move with Spirit-led velocity to helping people find their way back to God?  As a result, CCC begins every leadership year (in the fall), introducing specific church wide initiatives as the focus for the coming year. The 2006-2007 initiatives were inspired by Romans 8:15:

  1. What’s Next? – What’s Next for me in my spiritual journey as a Christ follower?
  2. Who’s Next? – Who’s Next is about personal influence and the future generation of leaders at CCC.
  3. The Next 5000 – The NEXT 5000 is about the next 5000 people we will help find thier way back to God by starting 7 new locations.

To both celebrate and re-focus, we’re asking every CCC attender to participate in a 3 Day Prayer Journey for NEXT. The journey begins May 3rd, on the National Day of Prayer. Check out the schedule below and join us.

  • May 3 Small Group Prayer Walk & Who’s NEXT?  CCC small groups will be encouraged to participate in a Small Group Prayer Walk May 3. Groups will pray for their neighborhoods, the NEXT 5000 people and the NEXT generation of CCC leaders. For more info. ask your small group leader; or to join a small group email Eric Metcalf at
  • May 4 Personal Prayer for What’s NEXT?  Every CCC attender is being asked to schedule a time of personal prayer on Friday, May 4th, to focus on What’s NEXT…for you?  Download a Guided Prayer Outline as helpful resource to guide you in your time of prayer and reflection.
  • May 5 Leadership Community  NEXT 5000  The May Leadership Community Vision session will be open to all CCC attenders (9am at the Yellow Box or 10:30am at Romeoville).  Join CCC leaders for a special Vision, worship and prayer experience focusing on the NEXT 5000. Hear small group and individual stories about Who’s NEXT? and What’s NEXT? as I share the future vision of CCC. For more information on our 3 Day Prayer Journey for NEXT email Sue Natiello at

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