Peanut butter Today is day #4 out of 7 of the $2/Day Challenge.  I told Sue this morning, “Ok, I’m sick of this.”  And it’s true; while eating on this little amount everyday is doable, I’m not enjoying it.  But enjoying it does not mean I’m not learning some stuff.  Let me tell you a quick story about peanut butter and then a couple more lessons learned so far.  I was out of town for meetings the last two days and I made the decision to stick with the $2/Day Challenge even though i was traveling and in meetings.  Sue packed me $4 worth of food for the two days in a plastic jewel baggy and I stuffed it into my carry-on for the trip. The people I was meeting with ate out all three meals both days.  And they at at some very nice restaurants.  I was surprised that even less enjoyable than watching them eat was them feeling bad and trying to rescue me. They had good intentions, but it was weird being noticed for not having anything to eat.  I’m sure there is a lesson there.  I need more time to ponder.  But one of the staples of my two days was a small container of peanut butter.  And on the second day I lost my peanut butter.  I left it in the hotel cafe and when the table got cleaned off someone threw it away.  I have never missed a few tablespoons of peanut butter before.  That meant that my next meal would be only the bread and no peanut butter.  Ugh!!  

So, here are some more lessons I have learned so far through the $2/Day Challenge?

  • Food is precious.  When you have only a little bit of food to live on, it becomes very important.  I know that I’m using and re-using tea bags a second and third time to make sure I get everything out of them.  I was really bummed when I couldn’t find my peanut butter.  Food is precious to those when you have very little.  
  • There is stress and pressure to make the food last.  This morning Sue said, “I’m not sure we are going to have enough to make it the whole week.”  I could feel myself react with slight panic, “What?”  It hit me that for parents in third world countries, they live with the stress and strain everyday of trying to make food last for their family.  They may not be thinking a week at a time, but I’m sure they are thinking about it everyday.

If you are doing the $2/Day Challenge or have done something like this, what lessons have you learned?

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