Nncc_risk_1It’s been a few days since we got back from the National New Church Conference and here are some of my thoughts in no particular order:

1. I have never seen God bring together so many key church planters, church planting leaders, denominational leaders and network leaders.  God is definitely up to something!

2. The relationship between Steve Andrews the Senior Pastor of Kensington Community Church and Dave Nelson who planted K2 – The Church was totally inspiring.

3.Mark Driscoll is good whether he teaches 20 minutes (like he did at the NNCC) or more than 60 minutes (like he does at Mars Hill). And I still say he would regret fighting Jon.

4. This was the first time I ever met Ed Stetzer.  I liked him.  Man, he’s really smart.

5. Neil Cole said, “If you can’t reproduce disciples than you can’t reproduce leaders and if you can’t reproduce leaders than you can’t reproduce churches and if you can’t reproduce churches than you will never reproduce a movement.”  That is brilliant! And he is right!!

6. Larry Osborne makes an important distinction between “reproducing geographically” and “reproducing demographically”.

7. My favorite main session was Vince Antonucci telling his story – funny, poignant and motivating!

8. I told Bob Roberts I wanted to take NewThing international and then I asked where we should go.  He said, “where ever Hell is breaking out”.

9. Todd Wilson, Executive Director of the NNCC is THE reason that this was “the largest gathering of new church leaders in North America.”

10. It was cool to see Bob Logan.  It was his Church Planters Checklist that guided our team when we started Community Christian Church.  Thanks Bob!

11. The organization that you didn’t hear much about this year that you will know all about next year is the Church Planting Network.

12. My favorite event of the NNCC was the Leaders Dinner on Thursday night – it was like a who’s who of church planting.  It just seemed that God had brought all those people together to create something powerful for the Kingdom…stay tuned.

13. Jon did a great job as the MC.

14. The future will be filled with reproducing church planting networks.  These networks will include mega churches, large churches, small churches and church planting organizations all collaborating in reproducing networks to start new churches.

15. Gene Appel rocks.  What a great guy…and he really hit a homer in the closing session.

16. Steve and Lynne Johnson of VISION USA are the two nicest people on the planet.  Thanks for dinner.

17. Look for Al Weis to provide leadership for business leaders across America to get involved in church planting.

18. The question is do we find a larger venue or go multiple venues to accommodate the growing demand of the National New Church Conference?

19. It was cool to meet Steve Addison from “down under” and then read about him in The Shape of Things To Come.

20. It was also cool to see some people that I know only from blogging for the first time!

21. Anthony Coppedge knows tech!

22. I’m a huge fan of what Mark Reynolds and Redeemer Presbyterian in NYC. They are doing some awesome stuff! 

23. Stadia has some quality church planters.  Good job Tom Jones and Mark Leeper.

24. There are a lot less networks “getting it done” than I thought.  I don’t think there are any networks planting churches at a rate that should be called a movement…YET!

25. It was good to see Hank and our NewThing team from Boston.  He has put together an awesome team and they will rock!!

26. I believe God is doing a new thing!!

#27?  #28?  What are your thoughts on the ’06 NNCC?

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