Baptism 02.22.09 (3)This was aweekend at COMMUNITY that I will remember the rest of my life!  Why?  Because as we concluded a landmark series “Finding Your Way Back To God” we asked people to go public with their faith in baptism.  We had a handful of people that were planning on being baptized.  Once the offer to be baptized was given at most all COMMUNITY campuses people started coming and coming and coming.  When it was all over 210 people said “yes” to Jesus in front of hundreds of friends and family and were baptized this past weekend! Wow!

Shawn Williams, our COMMUNITY-Yellow Box campus pastor who probably baptized more people than anyone said on twitter, “Sounds absurd but I think that my back hurts from baptizing people yesterday. I need to work on a different technique.”  Best kind of hurting I know!

Kristin Cook left a comment on my facebook saying,“This baptism weekend was absolutely incredible!  I made my public declaration of acceptance of Jesus as my savior on Saturday night and then had the honor of baptizing one of my best friends on Sunday morning.” 

Shellie Welty from COMMUNITY-Romeoville site said, “It was an amazing weekend at Community!!!  My son turned 18 on Sunday and made the choice to get baptized…his baptism happened at almost the exact time of his birth 18 year ago (10:16 am)!!!  It was truly an incredible morning!!” 

Obe Arellano, our campus pastor at East Aurora-COMMUNITY had the privilege of doing the first baptism ever at this 5-week old campus by baptizing his brother!

God continues to bless and use COMMUNITY way beyond our obedience.  What an amazing grace.  What an amazing weekend!

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