Ccc_2It was March 5th, exactly 17 years ago today that myself, Jon, Scott Alexander, Darren Sloniger and Georgia Kurko along with a handful of volunteers stood around in the cafeteria of Naperville Central High School early on a Sunday morning wondering if anyone would show up.  We had spent the last nine months surveying 5,500 homes, making 52,000 phone calls and direct mailing everyone in the community.  The first service was to start at 10:00 am using half the cafeteria for a make-shift worship center and the other half for a hospitality area.  At 9:50 no one was there.  At 9:55 no one was there.  By 9:58 far too few people had shown up.  But in the next seven minutes a tidal wave of people started pouring in through the school doors and into the cafeteria until there were 465 in total!  We would later discover that 80% of the people that stuck around to make up Community Christian Church were people with no church.  The dream of “helping people find their way back to God” was being realized.

Since then God has continued to bless Community Christian Church in ways that are both amazing and fun!  We are now a church with an attendance of 4500 with 8 locations and a NewThing Network that is catalyzing a movement of reproducing churches.  And the truth is – we are just getting started!

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