Over the last several weeks we have done our very best to get the word out about our upcoming series Soul CravingsWe have a blog where our new friend Joe Craveman is posting about his search to find soul satisfaction.  Joe has a posted several videos so that people can hear from him.  Joe got some new friends to tell their real stories of how they found their way back to God; they are amazing!  We have sent out e-invites.  We are selling out of Crave Kits for people to give to their friends.  We have sent out 250,000 pieces of direct mail to let people know about the new venue we are opening at our Naperville Yellow-Box location.  But none of that is as important as what we are starting today!  Starting today and for the next 10 days all of Community Christian Church is entering into 10 days of prayer for our communities.  If you are a CCC attender you will be receiving one e-mail a day from your Campus Pastor starting today telling you how to join us in prayer asking God to use us to help hundreds and thousands of people find their way back to Him.  During these 10 days, we are waiting on the Holy Spirit and praying just like the first believers did for those days between the ascension and Pentecost.  We are submitting and surrendering this whole work to God’s Spirit.  We want Him to do what He wants to do.  This is the real work of reaching our communities.  Prayer.  Start now.

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